Skoda 1000 MB, 1100 MB; 100, 110; 110R
manufacturer: Skoda (Czechoslovakia)

Skoda 1000/1100MB (1964 – 1969)

skoda 1000MBThis car should have been a new, “revolutionary” car in the Skoda history. It was quite true – it had a brand new aluminum engine (rear positioned) that was with small changes still used in 90's, modern design and it was also the first car with a modern frameless body (within the brand). The 31 (38) kW for a small 1.0 (1,1) liter engine wasn’t bad for that era either, but it wasn’t much for such a car. The car also suffered many technical problems. That’s why it was sometimes called “1000 Malych Bolistek – 1000 little pains:-)” by the Polish – yea, no wonder if you have such a car for more than 20 years:-)

This car is quite rare and valuable as a vintage car, so most owners try to put it back into the original shape instead of doing any tuning. You can see many really well kept cars, as well as many rusty wrecks. The cars in a good shape can be priced $1000+, some even $5000; the wrecks don’t cost more than $150.

About 440.000 of these cars were made.

Skoda 100/110 (1969 – 1976)

skoda 100This car is just a small modification of the previous model. Besides the newly installed disk brakes on the front wheels, there were only some minor changes in design. The engines 1.0l (31kW) and 1.1l (38kW) were also taken from the 1000MB. That’s why the progressive concept of the 1000MB became obsolete, as many other socialistic products.už reklamní fotografie naznačuje, že tlačit auto budete často... / even marketing materials show that you'll push the car quite often...

This car can be seen far more frequently than his predecessor but still, you can find nearly only two versions – nice, well kept cars and crazily tuned rusty wrecks. Almost nobody uses this car as a mean of transport nowadays. The price of a well kept (perfect) car can reach $1000-2000, however the common price is about $200-400.

About 1,1 mil. of these cars were made.

Skoda 110R (1970 – 1980)

skoda 110R110 R is a “sport” modification of the classic S 110. It has a nice coupe chassis and it is said to be one of the most beautifull skoda cars ever made. Besides some other minor “sport look” changes and a modified engine (1,1l / 45,5kW), there was nearly nothing new.

This car is very popular among tuners for the feeling of a “sport” car for a cheap price. The original design is nice itself, so many people make just very slight changes. On the other hand, some extreme tuning can be seen as well. The frequent problem is the corrosion and even thought many 110Rs look really perfect in a new spray, you can hardly find a piece in a solid shape. The price starts at $400 and can reach $2000.

About 57.000 of these cars were made.

The successful derivation of 110R was a top-class racing Skoda 130RS (1,3l/85-100kW), built both in rally and circuit versions. This car has been the most successful racing Skoda – it won e.g. the Monte Carlo rally 1977, Acropolis rally 1978 (in its class) and the overall(!) European Manufacturers’ Championship at the end of its carrier in 1981. Besides that, there were several prototypes without a racing homologation like Skoda 180RS (1,8l/113kW) and Skoda 200RS (2,0l/120kW). The 130RS is also a frequent model for 110R tuners.

Eighty 130RSs, one or two pieces of 180RS and 200RS were totally made. Price? Legends are not for sale.

skoda 130RS skoda 200RS

example of a GOOD tuning of S110 R: