Skoda 105, 120; Garde
manufacturer: Skoda (Czechoslovakia)

Skoda 105, 120; Garde (1976 - 1984)

This group of Skoda cars is based on its predecessor – Skoda 100. Besides the design changes of the body, there are just a few various improvements. The engine block also stayed more or less the same – the car was equipped with a 1050ccm (S105) or 1200ccm (S120) engine, rear positioned.

This model line, like its predecessor, was produced in two design versions – a sedan (Skoda 105 and 120) and a „sport“ coupé (Skoda Garde). The main difference between S105 and S120 was the engine; the body design and the kit were the same but you could also buy a budget version 105 S and a „luxurious“ 120 LS. Garde, a sport two seater, used the S120 LS engine and the kit. The civil skoda 120 LS was also a pattern for a racing 120 LS, unfortunately a weak (72 PS) and unsuccessful car. The numbers in the name meant the size of the engine (in cubic centimetres divided by ten), the letters symbolized the level of equipment.

Skoda 120 became one of the symbols of the socialist era in former Czechoslovakia (like Trabant in East Germany). It was a simple, weak, slow and quite unreliable car. And what more - a car without a soul.

Due to the mass production, this is the most tuned car in today’s Czech Republic and Slovakia. The top price of the car can even reach 1200-1500 USD, but that’s really untypical and it must be a vintage car in a perfect shape. The average price of a good 120 is bellow 300 USD and there is no problem to get some even for free. The majority of these cars are in a very bad shape – they are mostly used by older village people or on the contrary, by crazy teenagers. The quality of tuning is mostly very low (and that’s good for this website!:-)


Skoda 105 S, L, GL – 1050ccm / 34kW
Skoda 120 L – 1200ccm / 39kW
Skoda 120 LS, GLS, Garde – 1200ccm / 43kW


S 105 - 840,000; S 120 - 1,070,000; Garde - 44,500
(note: these numbers include the facelifted version (specification "M") made between 1984 - 1990.)

Photos of S105/120