Skoda 105, 120, 130; Rapid
manufacturer: Skoda (Czechoslovakia)

Skoda 105, 120, 130 (specification M); Rapid (1984 - 1990)

The Skoda line of specification M is just a facelift version of the previous models (Skoda 105, 120 and Garde). The letter “M” doesn’t mean anything in particular – it’s used just when you want to distinguish what generation of Skoda 105 or 120 you have. Besides some design changes (lights and bumpers) and other small improvements, there was only one “significant” change – the car got a little wider.

Besides the original engines 1050 and 1200ccm, there was a new 1300ccm, giving 43 – 46kW. “Luxurious” or “sport” versions, powered with this larger engine were also equipped with a newly installed 5-speed gearbox. The latest versions with the 135 and 136 engine were the first skoda engines prepared for unleaded fuel and they were used with some changes for the whole next decade, until 2001. The only notable difference between S105 and other versions were the front lights.

The facelifting also included a new coupe, proudly named Rapid. It was a slightly modified Garde, its predecessor, newly equipped with a 1,3l engine and also a 5 speed gearbox. Due to its price, it was quite popular even in Great Britain, where it was offered also as a cabrio. These unique cabrios are now re-exported back to the Czech Republic for the keen skoda fans.

These cars are the most tuned cars in the country of their origin. They are cheap, a decent S120 with a valid registration can cost $250, and they are considered the best choice for the money (= when you want spend just $250). These cars, especially models with 1,3l engine and Rapids are still popular among poorer people and they are still used every day, however this number gets lower every year. The advantage of these cars is the relatively good quality after 20+ years of manufacture’s experience with very similar models, the motoring and very low price of spare parts.

Models and engines:

Skoda 105 S, L, GL – 1050ccm / 34kW
Skoda 120 L, GL, GLS – 1200ccm / 39kW
Skoda 125 L – 1200ccm / 39kW (like S120 but with a 5 speed gear box)
Skoda 130 L, GL – 1300ccm / 43kW (5 speed)
Skoda 135 L, GL – 1300ccm / 44kW (5 speed)
Skoda 136 L, GL – 1300ccm / 46kW (5 speed)
Skoda Rapid 130, 135, 136 – 1300ccm / 43 - 46kW (5 speed)


S 105 - 840,000; S 120 - 1,070,000; Rapid - 44,500
(note: these numbers include the original version before the facelift, made between 1976 - 1984)

Photos of S105/120/130/Rapid

Even Skodas can be tuned well, see the examples: