VAZ 2101, 2102, 2103, 2106
manufacturer: VAZ (USSR)

VAZ 2101, 2102, 2103, 2106 (1970 – 1986)

A typical Russian vehicle, based on licensed Fiat 124 (which was the European car of the year 1966). The car got a new engine (designed by Fiat), the frame was strengthened and its clearance height was increased to meet the bad conditions of the Russian roads. The result was a compact, robust and quite reliable car, stronger and more in-demand that its socialist counterparts (skoda, trabant, wartburg, moskvic…). The disadvantages were a high fuel consumption and sometimes a bad quality.

The difference between the various models was in the engine size and the type of the body. The top-models 2103 and 2106 also had a slightly improved body and interior design. Besides the main models, several subversions with different engines, including a Wankel were made. The car can be found under 3 names – VAZ (the name of the manufacturer), LADA (the marketing name for export), Zhiguli (the marketing name for the local (Soviet) market – named after a close mountain range).

Models of the first generation:

2101 – 1,2l/44kW, basic model - sedan (since 1970)
2102 – 1,2l/44kW, combi (since 1971)
2103 – 1,45l/55kW, sedan (since 1973)
2106 – 1,6l/57,5kW, sedan (since 1977)

More than 14 mil. of these cars were made.

I don’t know much the current situation in the Lada’s homeland – Russia and the former USSR, but there are only a few surviving Ladas of the first generation in other countries. There are mostly non-tuned and in bad condition. The young people mostly have antipathies towards anything from Russia, which ruled the whole eastern block for more than 50 years. The price of petrol and the high consumption of all Ladas are also important. However, according to what I have found on the Internet, there must still be thousands of tuned Lada of this kind in Russia now and due to the enormous amount of Ladas, it might deal about one of the most tuned cars in the world. The price of old Ladas is between $100 – 1000 (mostly $100-400).

basic model 2101 2102 - combi 2103 / 2106 the design was the same