VAZ 2105, 2104, 2107
manufacturer: VAZ (USSR)

VAZ 2105, 2104, 2107 (1982 – 1998)

This group of cars was the first modification of the previous popular models. Besides the design and some minor changes, nearly nothing new happened. On the contrary – the new models weren’t as popular as their predecessors, firstly because they were more or less the same, but 12+ years had passed and then, you know, soviet engineering and design can cripple even a quite good car – the car quality became quite problematic. The quality and spirit of Fiat – a top western car had simply gone. Moreover, the quality of other competitors (Skoda, Wartburg. Polski Fiat) increased, so the new Ladas failed to defend their leading positions outside the USSR. The production of the basic 2105 until 1998 shows the situation in Russia itself…

2105 – 1,2/49kW, basic model - sedan (since 1982)
2104 – 1,2/49kW, combi (since 1983)
2107 – 1,45/55kW, 1,7/62kW, sedan (the same body as a 2105, just a different mask) (since 1983)

VAZ 2104 VAZ 2105 VAZ 2107