ZAZ 966, 968, 1000
manufacturer: ZAZ (USSR)

ZAZ 966, 968, 1000 (1967 – 1994)

ZAZ 966 (968) was a small 2-door, 4 seater made in a small state-owned factory in Zaporozhie, USSR (today’s Ukraine). These cars were strongly “based” on German NSU Prinz, however “something with quality just went wrong“.

ZAZ 966ZAZ models of this era were really marginal cars outside the former USSR. The only interesting thing is that even in the USSR they beared an unofficial title of the worst soviet car ever made. Considering commonly poor soviet quality, there’s almost nothing more to say.

These cars were so bad that they didn’t even met standards of some socialistic countries and thus weren’t exported there. Personally, I’ve seen just two ZAZs at all, in the former East-Germany .

The tuning of ZAZ exists in Russia only and it’s one of the weirdest examples of tuning on the world. The main reason is that contrary to e.g trabants (same shit quality), the folks in Russia are dead serious about it, which makes the situation really tragic.


Versions and engines:

ZAZ 966, the basic model (1967 - ?)
rear positioned engine 0,9l/22kW, later also 1,2l/29kW (both air-cooled)

ZAZ 1000 Yalta (export version of ZAZ 966) (1968 - ?)
rear positioned engine Renault 950ccm (0,95l)/30kW (water cooled)

ZAZ 968 (a modernized version of 966) (1971 - 1979)
rear positioned engine 1,2l/29kW (1,2/32kW 1977-79) or 0,9l/21kW (both air-cooled)

ZAZ 968 M (a modernized version of 968) (1978 - 1994)
rear positioned engine 1,2l/31kW or 0,9l/21kW (both air-cooled)

ZAZ 1000 Yalta

The company designed a brand new car – Tavria in mid 80tees. The older versions were still produced too. It looked quite promisingly at the beginning, but the manufacturing quality stayed very poor, so even when priced low, the car had little success outside Russia.

The company ZAZ is owned by Korean Daewoo now.


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